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Nevada passed the ERA last year, and hopes are high for Virginia. Their legislature meets only in January and February each year. PLEASE send e-mails to their House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader and tell them they are holding all the other states hostage. Tell your stories of how not having the ERA hurts you and your families. The Virginia legislative deadline for this year is February 12th. This is the date that each house must finish with their bills and send the ones they have passed to the other chamber for passage. 


Speaker of the House Kirk Cox:

Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment:


Message from Virigina NOW President

Virginia is once again fighting the battle for the passage of the ERA. VA NOW started this fight nine years ago, and we have since been joined by other organizations in Virginia. to try to move our Legislature off their tendency toward patrimony. If you ever saw the movie, Lincoln, you saw the Virginia House chamber. It was filmed there, and when the House was debating the 14th amendment, the speaker said if we give the negro the right to vote, we will have all the women coming to ask for the vote. You saw a deluge of men running toward the dais shouting no. I told my husband, "Wow, nothing ever changes in Virginia". I am hoping in the next two years to change that since we have 13 new women in the House, and next year is our state senate election. We hope to change it to Democratic again. Please help us pass the ERA in Virgina with your emails.


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